We want an equal playing field

We believe that with the right resources, teachers can do amazing things. We’ve seen it happen over and over again. Struggling teachers turn into sought after educators when given the right tools and opportunities.

The world is going digital and requires adaptation and support. Our story is one of struggle, change, and transformation.

“With the right tools and support, educators can make magic”

-Shannon Amaadar

In the Beginning...

Back in 2014, in a small apartment, an idea was hatched. Our founders, Shannon and Aisha, noticed a hole in the education system in Morocco. Recently coming to Agadir to help develop curriculum and programs for a new school, they realised they could do better than the system offered at the time. They began re-writing programs and developing new tools schools could use to get better results for their students. Kings English was born.

Fast forward to 2020 and the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.  Teachers were thrown into a new world of teaching online, with little to no experience. Seeing what was happening and being in a unique position to help teachers adapt, Shannon an Aisha went back to re-writing curriculum to be adaptable to online learning, developed courses and tools to support teachers, and built a platform teachers can use to build courses, offer lessons, and find the support and resources they need to do the amazing things teachers do.

The future of Kings English means continued support for educators. We’ll keep growing and adapting to new situations and environments, making sure everyone on the platform has the support needed to keep up with changing times.

Our mission is to give teachers all over the world equal access to tools and resources to build their business. We value equity, equality, and believe everyone can achieve their goals with the right support. We promise to be there when you need support and guidance.

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