Lifelong learning is the key to success in any field. Whether you want to travel for study in another country, build language skills to give you an edge in your career, or stay current on teaching techniques, we have a solution for you.

Being a teacher is exhausting and leaves little time for other activities. We know; we’ve been there. That’s why we’ve developed short, educator quickie courses that can be completed in less than 6 hours. Build on your existing skills by learning new teaching techniques, discover resources and get support through our groups. Share your experiences and learn from other teachers while you make your way through the self-paced MOOCs.

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Learning English as a second or foreign language can be difficult, but our live classrooms make learning easy and fun. Students still have the freedom to attend classes on their schedule while having access to live teachers for help and support. Live streamed lessons can be viewed repeatedly, and class forums allow students to ask questions and get answers from instructors and students as they collaborate on assignments and develop skills within their class community.

We believe that great resources are necessary to reach your goals, that’s why we work hard to develop the tools you need to succeed.


Studying abroad is the dream of many people but language requirements are often an obstacle to achieving that goal. Our experienced teachers have developed IELTS preparation courses students can take online at their own pace. These course offers students a look into how the actual test works. Students will become familiar with the requirements and learn what to expect. These course aren’t language and grammar courses, they are designed to teach students how to pass by showing exactly what examiners are looking for. Covering all four sections and offering support from both classmates and qualified instructors through social platforms, these course will set students on track to meet their goals.

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