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What would you do if you could speak English more fluently?
I want to tell you about one of my students, Mateo, who needed to start building skills in English. He fled to America as a refugee from Colombia. He left his country as a young man with his family and found safety in a small city in Texas. He wanted to make a better life for his wife and daughter, but it was difficult to find work. Every day he would apply for jobs in restaurant kitchens or respond to odd job postings; anything that would help him put food on the table and support his wife and daughter. The language was a real barrier even though Mateo was a smart man. He had a good job as an engineer in Colombia, but without English, his experience meant nothing in America.
Weak English skills are a huge barrier for people who want to make a better life for themselves and their families.
One day, Mateo stepped into a deli for a coffee after a long morning of looking for work. The man next to him was speaking on the phone. He was speaking in Spanish; which Mateo uderstands and speaks perfectly. The man spoke about how his English lessons were going, and how quickly he was building skills. He was explaining how easy it was to communicate with the teacher online, how interesting the activities were and the new friends he had made. When the man hung up the phone, Mateo asked him about these lessons. The man told a story Mateo was familiar with. He had come to the city from Guatemala to escape danger but couldn’t find work because he didn’t speak English.
So many people are in the same stage of language learning. Knowing where to get help is key to getting ahead.
The man had heard about a program that would let him learn English with a live instructor online and the best part was that it could all happen on his own schedule. Because of that, he was able to take odd jobs or temporary work, and not miss any of his English lessons. Because he didn’t miss a lesson, his English improved to where he was now able to find a steady job. He explained to Mateo that he was applying to college, building skills further so he can own a small restaurant again one day, as he did in Guatemala
Being able to learn English and build your new life at the same time bring quick success.
“A program like that must be expensive,” Mateo said to the man. “How much is your future worth Mateo?” The man said as he grabbed his coat and stood to leave. He wrote down his phone number, paid both their coffees, and walked out.   Mateo’s story is the same for many. Maybe it’s your story. It can be difficult to find help, and like Mateo, it can be easy to get caught in a rut. We have a way out of it.
Our courses will help you build the skills you need to be successful.
Online English courses allow you the freedom to work, spend time with family and do what’s needed, while building the skills necessary to get ahead. Our teachers are available through the live forum, live lessons, and messaging. They’re there to make sure you’re on track and meeting your goals. You’ll also have a chance to make new friends and connect with other classmates in the chat feature. Courses range from upper beginner to advanced, to business English, so there’s a program for every goal.
Find your happy beginning.
Mateo registered for our Adult beginner course. He worked hard building skills in English until he was able to communicate well enough for job interviews. He’s now working in a garage fixing customers cars and attending night classes at the local college. Register your spot for the upcoming session. space is limited, don’t miss your chance to change your future.


For the beginner level courses you will need a base level of English to be able to understand and interact with the instructor and to comment on the live feed. An A1 to A2 level is sufficient to benefit from the course. Your English level should match the course you’re registering in; if you’re unsure of your level, you can contact us at with the subject English Level Test, and we will assess and suggest a program for you.

If your class includes live sessions and you can be present it would be ideal. You will be able to ask the instructor questions about the lesson content and get an immediate response. However, if you’re unable to attend, the live lesson will be recorded and available for the duration of the lesson. You can ask any questions in the forum or message features.

The lessons are designed to give you all the information you need to successfully improve your English fluency in 6 weeks. Live lesson content, at home activities and projects, access to live instructors and the community forum make it easy and fun to learn and develop your skills. We encourage you to make use of all resources provided. If you would like to continue for another 6-week session we do offer discounts to current and past students to re-enroll in a class or who want to move on to the next level.

We encourage students to communicate any problems they have with us so we can work together to find solutions. Stay in touch with your instructor and let them know if you need help. Our team cares about your success and will offer any help needed. We encourage you to discuss issues with your instructors and if necessary, reach out to the company Founder, Shannon Amaadar, at We also offer a full refund if you’re truly unhappy with the program.

We are proud of the courses we offer and take a personal interest in your success. We will personally find a solution to any problem.

We value your success! We offer a complete refund if you’re unsatisfied with your results.

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