Two English teachers began working in Morocco. Quickly realising the lack of resources available to educators was affecting student success, they set out to create simple usable tools that could easy be incorporated in lessons.



Where we came from


The 2020 year came with some challenges, but we were able to turn those challenges into opportunities. All the hard work and resources we developed in the previous years was exactly what educators around the world needed as they struggled to learn new platforms and teaching techniques. We took the opportunity to expand and offer new and innovative solutions to educators and students alike.


We’re excited for what the future will bring and we’re looking forward to learning more, developing better solutions and strengthening our place in the education industry. We’re excited to have you with us as we grow together.



After speaking with other teachers and department heads, we realised schools were having difficulty incorporating English into their current curriculums, often using only a simple language workbook as a curriculum guideline. Seeing the need, we developed simple English programs that would easily fit in to the current system and offered it to schools as part of a package that included materials and training.


 As the company grew, we learned more about the needs of educators and learners and developed new and innovative techniques, such as creating simple lessons that incorporate the social media platforms students are already using. We learned that repurposing tools that are already available make learning accessible to a wider group of people.


 Our social media presence gained attention as we continued to share resources with teachers and students through Facebook and Instagram. We decided to create a small website to be able to share resources more easily and bring communities of people together. The connections we made with educators and students around the world inspired us to continue developing our products and services to help as many people as possible.


We hired teachers to begin working with students online. We began offering online courses ranging from beginner to business, child to adult, and continued to support teachers around the world through free resources and community building.


Online learning
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