Imagine having the opportunity to spend more time on the things you want. Teaching online as a freelance educator offers just that.

Working online as a freelance educator gives you the chance to travel, work from home, and take control of your time so you can spend more if it with your family and loved ones. 

I’ve created this unique program to help you overcome obstacles and  reach your goals through support, coaching and community.

Teaching online as a freelance educator is a great way to take control of your schedule. The best part is, anyone can do it. It doesn’t take fancy certificates or degrees to get started; just the right tools and knowledge.

I’ll help you craft a winning online presence that attracts clients, navigate the challenges of teaching online, and offer support and coaching to help you reach success.

With more than a decade of experience living and teaching all over the world, I’ve learned a thing or two about what really matters. I want to share my success with you.

How to go freelance

As a member, you’ll take part in my Elite Educators Master Class where you’ll learn the essentials secrets to teaching online. I’ll tell you how to find work, negotiate your salary, and build lesson plans and curriculum from scratch.

lesson plan

I’ll assess your current strategy and see where we could make improvements to attract the right clients. You’ll also benefit from the group coaching sessions that will take your teaching to a new level. When you register, you’ll have access to all the support and resources you need, including:

  • A Zoom consultation to get you started and build your online profile.
  • group coaching sessions to learn from other teachers and support each other.
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Exclusive access to the private Facebook group where you can communicate with other educators, and get early access to events and resources
  • Custom resources and lesson plans to help you get the most for your clients
  • Free skill builder courses

This membership program packs a value of over $14000 for the 12 week program. I’m passionate about helping people reach their goals, so I want you to have all this at my special rate. 

Let me take the heavy lifting out of going freelance and give you valuable advice on things like salary negotiations and teaching tips, while helping you achieve your dream of working for yourself.

Welcome to the community.

Membership plans



Courses included: unlim
Take the first steps to kickstart your freelance career with the Elite Educators Masterclass. A 3-week training course designed to help you navigate the world of freelance teaching, refine your social strategy to gain clients and build skills for price-setting and negotiation.

You’ll also get access to the private Facebook group where you can communicate with other educators, gain first access to events and offers, and have continued support.

4 weeks to Freelance teaching


Courses included: unlim
A 4-week membership gives you access to a ton of support.

Get access to the Masterclass freelance educator training. A 3 week training course showing you how to kickstart your freelance career.

A strategy assessment will highlight what’s working for you and what we have to change to get you the clients you want. You’ll get a social media strategy, custom program and more, all designed to help you get your first client.

Get access to our members-only Facebook group. Learn from colleagues, get first access to exclusive events and have the support of the community.

You’ll also get weekly email check-ins, access to our resources library and skill-building courses, and discounts on products and services.

12 week Elite Educators Masterclass


Signing on for the 12-week program gives you access to everything you need to get started and be successful as a freelance teacher.

have access to the Elite Educators Masterclass for Freelance Teachers. A 3-week training course designed to kickstart your online teaching career.

Strategy assessment will help us develop your social strategy and hook your first clients. We’ll design custom lesson plans and activities with you and help you through the challenges that come with teaching.

Take part in the monthly group coaching sessions, where we discuss with educators the many challenges teachers face, strategies to overcome obstacles and offer support and encouragement. Access to the group coaching lasts the entire year.

The private Facebook community is designed to keep you up to date with techniques, keep you supported, and provide an arena for educators to stay connected. Community members also have first dibs on events and offers.

You’ll be able to take advantage of weekly email check-ins, access to our resource library and skill-building courses, and discounts on products and services.

Welcome Letter from Shannon

It can be scary to think about leaving familiar surroundings to travel and teach abroad. That’s why I created this membership program. I’ve spent nearly a decade working in schools with few resources, navigating cultures and systems that I’m not used to and learning a new language (or two) in the process. I wish I had a little more support through it all. There were definitely some harsh times, but it was worth it.

I want to share my experiences and knowledge with people who are thinking of travelling and teaching. Even people who are already teaching and need a little extra helping.

It can be tough but you aren’t alone out there. I’ll help you, in your unique situation, find the excitement, adventure and success you’re looking for.

I can’t wait to meet you.



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