About Meryam

Meryam teaches beginner children. Her courses are interactive and exciting for young learners, keeping them coming back lesson after lesson. In fact, her students have fun learning English through practical use. Crafts, games, and storytelling ensure students never get bored while learning. She teaches our Crafty Kids English course where she uses art and games to teach basic vocabulary and grammar. Students love the lessons and as a result, love learning English.


Meryam received her Ba degree in English studies from the University Ibn Zohr in Agadir, Morocco. While there, her focus was linguistics, meaning she has developed good technical knowledge of how English works, allowing her to create dynamic and up-to-date lessons. 

Meryam has worked with young students at the beginner level for the past 7 years. Her work in  private schools and language centres have given her valuable experience and the skills necessary to create fun, effective lessons. She loves working with young students, guiding them through their learning journey in a fun and interactive way.

Learning new teaching techniques and encouraging growth and development in both herself and her students is important to her. She is inspiring and her students always feel welcome and able.

As well as teaching, Meryam loves embroidery arts and design. She looks for ways to incorporate the arts in everyday life, adding beauty and interest wherever she goes.

Reading is also very important to Meryam. She often spends her free time relaxing with a classic novel and a cup of tea.

She loves to share her many interests with her students and encourages them to share their own interests as well.

Meryam’s love of life and drive to do what’s important to her is contagious. She encourages students to reach high and achieve their goals. Her support and encouragement go a long way in ensuring success for her students. 

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