About Mohamed

Meet Mohamed, our Intermediate student instructor who specializes in working with teens and young adult learners. His course is packed with interesting and interactive elements designed to engage students in a practical way. In fact, his methods drive students to gain skills quickly by encouraging active use.


Mohamed is an experienced instructor. He’s fluent in many languages, including French, Arabic and English. so, he’s able to connect with his students on a personal level. Mohamed attended university in his home city of Agadir, Morocco where he also earned his TEFL certification.

In addition, being an active member of his community is important to Mohamed. This means leading youth to success through activity-based learning is something he’s passionate about. As a result, he regularly volunteers his time with youth groups and encourages active involvement. Moreover, he’s the go-to person in charge of managing our social platforms, including the Discord chat server. He regularly hosts free events that engage participants in thoughtful practice for instance.

Finally, Mohamed is strong and charismatic, with a humorous and confident personality. That is to say, he has a natural way of caring for and talking to other people, making him very approachable. His students are always incredibly excited to work with him as he encourages each of them to reach their goals. Mohamed easily relates to his student’s interests. Social trends for instance, and regularly this content in his lessons. This helps him build meaningful teacher-student connections, driving success in his learners.

To sum up, studying with Mohamed is exciting and interesting. He makes sure to include a variety of methods to keep his lessons relevant for students. Using a variety of social platforms in his lessons engage his learners and makes English easy for teens to pick up. His courses focus on practical use and real-world use allowing students to interact with the material in a practical way. Educating others is something that comes naturally to Mohamed, and he’s eager to share his knowledge and skills with others.

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